• During the last 30-40 years the average temperature should be declining due to decreasing sun activity, but it is actually rising because of the global warming. Sho0uld we be worried\d about this? Yes we should.

    The temperature has risen for a almost half of degrees in the last 25 years and the rate of temperature3 growth over time in the last 20 years or so has increased  dramatically. It is the highest ever. At this rate. we could expect that by 2100 the temperature would be increased for around 3 degrees or even more.

    Is increase of the temperature really helpful?

    No. It is far more negative than positive.  It is helpful for example for agriculture in Siberia for example, due to the rise of temperature. Still the amount of sunlight would still be the same,but the rise of temperature would help a bit. In the southern land the amount of water available would be much lower and the border of fruitful soil would go south.






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